Welcome to my blog! My name’s Serafima and I’m very excited to start up this blog! Here are just a few things I think you should know about me.

I listen to alternative, rock, punk, and indie music. I love the original teen titans and I don’t have a favorite color! My favorite activities include cheerleading, playing, writing, and listening to music, going on long car rides, and seeing sunsets on the Sandyhook bayside beach!

I like to get creative with my writing. I prefer to write poems and stories from the first person point of view. I also like writing reviews about makeup products and restaurants. (I know that’s a bit of an odd thing to spend my time doing.)

I play two musical instruments – the piano and the guitar, – three if you count the ukulele. I sing and always prefer to play my own accompaniment.

One final thing I want to mention is that I love traveling, and it is something I want to be able to do throughout my entire life. I live in New Jersey and so far I’ve been to quite a few states including my favorite state, California. (I’ve been about four times now, making it five in January!) On the international side, I’ve been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. I’m currently planning a birthday trip in March (birthday’s not in March though, sad face.) to Iceland!

I’m going to end this here, don’t want to give you my ENTIRE life story in the first blog. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one! (I feel like a Youtuber ending it like that haha.)


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